Executive Board Change in LifeWaters

On June 19, Matt Wilson stepped down as President of LifeWaters and nominated Gary Bufalo as president.  We are proud to announce Gary Bufalo has been voted in as the new President of LifeWaters as of June 19, 2018.

Matt has been with LifeWaters since the beginning.  Because of Matt’s work, LifeWaters has received grants, sponsors and various support which has been key in establishing the very foundation from which LifeWaters now thrives.

Matt not only was instrumental in helping to establish the foundation and funding of this unique aqua therapy program, but he has also been hands on throughout his service from everything to developing new strategies supporting growth and sustainability of LW to being a personal scubility dive buddy when needed.

We are very fortunate that Matt will still serve on the board and assist LifeWaters as it develops through the next stages of growth.  Rest assured, Matt will continue to play an intricate part in LifeWaters moving forward.

Matt, LifeWaters greatly appreciates what you have done for the spinal cord injured community.  Your dedication and love for this organization has been unmatched and while your leadership will be missed, we are excited to support your choice of Gary Bufalo as your successor.

Gary Bufalo brings new energy and insight to LifeWaters.  He has been working tirelessly with sponsors and media outlets to promote LifeWaters since joining the board last year.  His accomplishments for LifeWaters have already proven his skill and dedication to be one of a leader and friend not only to everyone on the board but to our divers as well.  Gary has already successfully negotiated an agreement with Bass Pro Aquarium to secure a new dive location for our cause.  We believe Gary has a lot to offer LifeWaters and we are excited to see where his guidance will take us as we continue forward.

Thank you to both Matt and Gary for your efforts and dedication to our organization and for your continuing support to the spinal cord injured community.